Tier: 9-A

Name: Waxillium Ladrian

Origin: Mistborn

Gender: Male

Age: Exact age unknown, likely 30's or 40's

Classification: Human Twinborn

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman, reactions, can push on any metal near him, has a sixth sense that lets him detect metal near him, can project a bubble repelling any metal he doesn't exclude and keep it up passively, can store his mass to tap on later, is a very capable marksman

Destructive Capacity: Room level normally, can be amped to Building level by drawing on mass

Lifting StrengthUknown, likely Athletic human (serves as a lawkeeper, which would require him to be physically fit)

Striking Strength: Class H, can reach up to Class KJ by drawing on mass he has stored

DurabilityPeak human level

Stamina: Fairly high, was able to fight Miles and the Ghostbloods despite suffering several injuries in the process

Range: Several dozen meters

Speed: Peak human, with Subsonic+ reactions (intercepted bullets in midair with a ste elpush, alter his own bullets trajectory with a second shot from inside a time dialation field), can move at Superhuman speeds with steelpushes when he stores mass

Standard Equipment: His pistols and ammunition for them, his metalminds, and metal vials to fuel his Allomancy

Weaknesses: Some of his powers are fuelled by metal and can't be used when he runs out, can be nervous when faced with a hostage situation