Tier: 9-A8-A | 5-B, likely higher 

Name: Vin Venture

Origin: Mistborn

Gender: Female

Age: Early 20s

Classification: Human Allomancer | Successor of Preservation | Shardholder of Adonalsium 

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, reactions, durability, and senses, can push or pull on any metal near her, has a sixth sense that lets her detect metal near her, can supress or inflame the emotions of those around her, can look into her own future to counter precog, can enhance any of these using duralumin at the cost of burning out all her reserves at once, can use atium to gain combat precog and even further enhanced reflexes | all the previous made stronger except precog, no longer requires metal to fuel her powers, can affect metal in someone's body | reality warping, incorporeality, immortality

Destructive Capacity: Room level+ (Swung around a large city gate using herself as a tether) | Multi city block+ (Flattened Kedrik Shaw with a steelpush) | Planet level+ (Far superior to Rashek, who shunted the planet back and forth across the solar system), likely higher

Lifting StrengthSuperhuman (can swing around a slab of metal nearly at large as she is one-handed) | Higher | Irrelevant, as she has no physical body

Striking Strength: Class KJ, can reach up to Class KJ+ with duralumin | Class KJ+, possibly Class MJ | Irrelevant, as she has no physical body

DurabilityRoom level | Multi city block level | Irrelevant, as she has no physical form

Stamina: High, can ignore deadly injuries using pewter | Higher, was unimpaired by several broken bones and torture | Irrelevant

Range: Several dozen meters | Several hundred meters | Planetary

Speed: Superhuman, with Subsonic+ reactions (should be superior to Wax, who intercepted bullets in midair with a steelpush) | Higher (Inquisitors who previously moved FTE seemed slow to her) | Irrelevant, as she has no physical body. Likely FTL, as Shards have shown the ability to travel between solar systems

Standard Equipment: Obsidian daggers, a coinpouch, several vials of metals to fuel her Allomancy, her mistcloak

Weaknesses: Her powers are fuelled by the metal she carries, and can't be used when she runs out | None notable | Is blinded by the presence of metal

Notes: It should be noted whether or not she has atium, as it is not part of her standard equipment.

Key: Base Vin | Mist Vin | Vin as Preservation

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