Origins: Sonic.EXE Creepypasta

Classification: Pure Darkness

Destructive Capability: Around the same level as base form game sonic, but much higher because of his ability to make his mouth a black hole. So at least Death Egg level.

Lifting Strength: neither Sonic nor Sonic.EXE have any lifting feats, so unknown.

Striking Strength: Around the same as Sonic, who can rip apart metal with ease. This is assisted by his claws.

Duribilaty: What do you call tanking a fall to earth from space without a scratch?

Speed: Many times faster then sound. Maybe even FTL. AVG speed 720 MPH.

Intellegence: Slightly below average. He is only four and is not used to anything fighting back.

Stamina: Unknown. Possibly unlimited.

Standard Equiptment: None

Powers: All of sonic's as well as claws and the before mentioned black hole, but said black hole has yet to actually be used in canon terms. But it is possible.

Noteable Victory

an unknown amount of humans trapped in bodys like Tails, Knuckles and Eggman