Tier: 9-A | 5-B, likely higher

Name: Sazed

Origin: Mistborn

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, likely around 380 or so

Classification: Human Feruchemist | Shard of Adonalsium 

Powers and Abilities: Can store various attributes such as strength, speed an health in metal to draw on later; essentially grants temporary superhuman strength, speed, regeneration, senses, and other things | reality warping, incorporeality, immortality, likely precognition

Destructive Capacity: Room level+ (Was winning against Marsh before he ran out of power) | Planet level+ (Put the planet back in it's proper orbit, altered the tectonics of the planet to revert them to their original state, undid the genetic engineering Rashek preformed on every living being, holds the power of both Preservation and Ruin), likely higher

Lifting StrengthSuperhuman (threw a Koloss nearly ten feet tall through the air with ease) | Irrelevant, as he has no physical body

Striking Strength: Class KJ, possibly Class KJ+ (though this drains his reserves faster) | Irrelevant, as he has no physical body

DurabilityRoom levelIrrelevant, as he has no physical form

Stamina: Somewhat low (his reserves only last a few minutes) | Irrelevant

Range: Human melee | Planetary

Speed: Subsonic+ (blitzed Marsh, who should be superior to Wax) | Irrelevant, as he has no physical body. Likely FTL, as Shards have shown the ability to travel between solar systems

Standard Equipment: His metalminds

Weaknesses: He draws on power he stores in metal. He can only preform at his peak level for a few minutes, and losing his metalminds prevents him from drawing on them. He's also not very experienced in battle | is blinded by the presence of metal

Notes: It should generally be assumed that he's operating at his peak level unless otherwise stated

Key: Base Sazed | Harmony

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