Mistborn is a series written by the fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. It is currently separated into two parts: the Mistborn Trilogy, which focuses on Vin Venture during the days of the Final Empire; and the Mistborn Adventures, which focuses on Waxillium Ladrian three hundred years after the events of the first trilogy. Two more parts are slated to be written. There's also apparently a video game in the works, but it seems to be stuck in development hell.

It is actually only one part of the Cosmere, the setting in which most of Sanderson's works take place.


For the most part, Mistborn sits somewhere around street level, though there are several exceptions—the god tiers are planet level+ incorporeal entities, and some characters manage to reach building level. The common powers are superhuman strength and speed, various kinds of metal manipulation, precog, and emotion control. However, there are some stranger abilities such as the Feruchemical ability to store attributes like luck, health, or connection to tap on later. While the normal characters would never be able to stand up to the HST, the god tiers place the verse well above it.

Character Profiles

Mistborn Trilogy:

Vin Venture

The Lord Ruler





Mistborn Adventures:

Waxillium Ladrian

Miles Dagouter